ACPL Engenharia is present in the main industrial expansion and modernization projects in the country, with large-scale long-term works.

Access Engineering
Multidirectional Scaffolding (Flex)

The flex system is practical, high productivity in assembly and disassembly, in addition to ensuring rigidity and stability in structures. Made from galvanized steel, the multidirectional flex scaffolding is made up of posts with stirrups spaced every 50 cm and crossbars/diagonals with quick fittings using the wedge system. Multidirecional is part of one of the scaffolding solutions that ACPL Engenharia offers. As it is versatile, it can be used for projects involving fixed or mobile towers, scaffolding for facades, stairs and walkways; in addition to allowing use as shoring, when combined with specific accessories.

Tubular Scaffolding

It is a temporary structure, fixed using fixed and rotating clamps. Being a safe option for scaffolding solutions, with the Tubular type it is possible to make suspended, supported, lattice and cantilever assemblies. They are ideal for access in maintenance and industrial assemblies in places that present a lot of interference, are confined or have adverse support conditions. They can be used as shoring accessories, acting as support for loads and structural elements. They are widely used in special structures for access to various installations and equipment in mining, cement, steel, paper and cellulose industries, shipyards, petrochemical plants and other branches of activity.

Industrial maintenence
Electromechanical Maintenance

By identifying possible problems in equipment, machines, instruments and electrical and mechanical components, we avoid unscheduled downtime and accidents in the workplace.

Civil and Complementary Maintenance

To ensure the safety, functionality and compliance of structures, we carry out inspections, correct structural problems and offer specialized services, including carpentry, bodywork and repairs, to keep the facilities in perfect condition.

Thermal insulation

To ensure that heat exchange between the environment and the machinery is assertive, thermal insulation acts efficiently, reducing energy losses from the equipment.

Industrial Painting

We preserve surfaces against corrosive agents in order to prevent natural wear and tear and the formation of rust, resulting in an extension of the useful life of the equipment and a reduction in expenses.


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