Values, Mission, and Vision

ACPL Engineering is a service company for the industrial sector, specialized in access engineering. Delivering results that meet the demands of shareholders with quality, efficiency, and agility, always with the goal of creating value for customers. With the assurance of completing the contracted scope with ACPL Engineering’s 5-star safety.

Values - Our principles


We ensure that safety comes FIRST, and for us, NOTHING is above safety! We use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and believe in its effectiveness. We follow all safety procedures. We operate with a focus on zero accidents. We have everything under control because we live the Culture of Methods and Processes.


We do what's right for the sake of it, we honor our word. We meet the defined deadlines. We respect everyone, without distinction and without prejudice. We are a team and we act for the good of all. We honor our clients' values.


We take responsibility; we are 100% leaders, problem solvers, protagonists, and follow the owner's vision. We take care of compliance and control all process stages. We take responsibility for our part. We identify and involve all areas involved in the process (governance). We analyze all negative impacts (governance) and develop contingency plans.


We have attitude, work with great enthusiasm, and get our hands dirty. Our performance determines our outcome. We act decisively and objectively. We are driven by challenges and overcome all obstacles. We mirror safety and confidence in our actions.


We ensure rigor in every detail, following the plan with transparency and integrity. Agreements don't come at a high cost. We always pay attention to the details of the deliveries. We follow the plan set by the Strategic Planning. We ensure the fulfillment of all mapped processes. We live the Culture of Methods and Processes, and we have absolutely everything under control.


We are nonconformists, always seeking improvement and striving to be the best. We always aim to exceed delivery expectations. We can find opportunities in any adversity. We are always willing to be better at what we do. Our planning allows us to overcome any adversity.

Mission - Our reason for existence

We go far beyond scaffolding assembly; we are experts in Access Engineering. We are a reference in industrial services, acting with determination and rigor in every detail. We ensure the contracted scope and the safety of our clients’ operations with efficiency and a focus on results. We deliver Efficiency in Engineering